Troop 129

Whitewater Rafting Trip

No, we are not going to the water park. The Troop is going whitewater rafting on May 29!

The rafting will take place on the Nantahala River in North Carolina through the Rolling Thunder River Company. You can check out their website [here].

For any Scout, parent or family/friends attending, please read over the information below (provided by the rafting company). Everyone needs to arrive at the facility (bolded address below) by 11:30 a.m. and will be required to wear a facemask during check-in, retail interactions and on shuttle rides.

Departs from:
10160 Hwy 19 West
Bryson City, NC 28713, US

Important Information From Rolling Thunder River Company:

***Per the North Carolina Governor’s orders, all guests on the Nantahala River will be required to wear masks during check-in, retail interactions, and shuttles. Feel free to bring your own face covering or you may purchase one on-site. Face coverings are strongly encouraged at our Ocoee location as well.***

Please be sure you are going to the correct location where you have a reservation. We are located in TWO states – only an hour and a half apart – and Google Maps may send you to the wrong place. Double check if you are not sure.

About Your Rafting Trip Before You Check-In

1. You need to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled rafting trip. (That’s Eastern Time by the way.)

2. Each and every person in your rafting party must sign an online waiver of liability prior to check-in.  This enables you to take the time to read the waiver thoroughly (our OCD lawyers want you to do this) before signing and will also expedite your check-in. You will find your waiver link below. Anyone under 18 years of age must sign a waiver and have a parent/legal guardian co-sign it as well. 

3. Be on time!  Even Better – Be Early. If you arrive late, you will miss your trip. And we will be very sad for you because our trips are pretty fantastic. We’re very resourceful but if you get here late there’s not much we can do. We cannot issue refunds for late arrivals. Also, we will not issue a refund if you check-in with less people than you have confirmed on your reservation. The Thunder Fun Bus leaves on time and we cannot hold up a trip for late arrivals. All of those folks who got here on time and are on the fun bus would mutiny, and it would just get messy.

4. Wear shoes that fit securely to your feet. Flipflops or crocs are not acceptable. We do sell river shoes at our Ocoee center and rent (not sell) booties at our Nantahala center.

5. Tipping Your Guide: It is a common practice in this industry to tip your guide if you feel that they have done a great job. The amount is entirely up to you.

6. Another Tip:  When you arrive at our rafting center, we suggest leaving all your personal belongings (and phones) in your car. Use it like a locker. Please do not bring valuables. The U. S. Forest asks that we not allow you to bring anything with you on the raft except any necessary medical supplies. You may leave your keys (no phones please) in our office while you’re on the river. You should bring dry clothes, dry shoes and a towel for after your trip. Yep, you’re going to get wet. 

7. For safety reasons the use of alcohol or drugs before or during a river trip is absolutely prohibited. Rolling Thunder River Company will remove you from a river trip, with NO REFUND,if we believe you or any member of your party to be snookered in any way. Save it for later. Seriously.

8. We go rafting RAIN OR SHINE! Bring your spirit of adventure and get ready to have a great time with us on the river!

9. Be cautious using GPS in the mountains.  You might end up near a moonshine still and we all know that’s not going to turn out well. The links below will help you get to our rafting center. Be sure you click the correct location to where you have a reservation. We are located in two different states. Please don’t go to the wrong location. It will really put a damper on the whole experience for you. 

Departs from:
10160 Hwy 19 West
Bryson City, NC 28713, US

Everyone must sign the waiver in the link below:

This announcement will be updated with additional information closer to the trip.