Troop 129

Camp Rotary Campout

Our next Troop campout is scheduled for April 23 – 25 at Camp Rotary. This will be “car camping” (i.e. – no gear restrictions; your car will be close to the campsite) and is two hours away in Hartwell, Georgia (located on Lake Hartwell).

For those who have never been, Camp Rotary is ran by the Northeast Georgia Council, which is known for maintaining beautiful campsites. You can learn more about the camp [here].   

Mr. John Colatosti and Mr. Jim Carey are the main contacts for this event. They plan to work with the Scouts on basic camping skills throughout the trip.

Some additional details to share related to the campout…

  • We have heard that the water does not taste great at Camp Rotary. It is potable, but the water has been described as tasting “like it ran off a boot”. We hopefully will have some large containers of water to bring, but it is highly recommended that all Scouts/adults bring water. You can use blue jugs or simply pick up a couple of gallons at the grocery store. Scoutmaster Vautrot suggests one gallon for every two Scouts per day.
  • The address for the campsite is 52 Rotary Boyscout Dr, Hartwell, GA 30643. We will be at campsites #10 and #11, which appear to be close to the parking area (based on the map [here]).
  • You should be able to drop your gear off at camp and then park your car in the designated area. There is no parking fee.
  • Rain is expected throughout the day on Saturday.  Please ensure you bring personal rain gear and definitely do not forget your tent’s rainfly!
  • You should have a mask available to use during the camping trip.
  • The latest forecast has the temperatures on Friday and Saturday night in the low 50s, so don’t forget to pack some warmer gear for overnight.
  • Bring a card game or two to entertain yourself during any downtime.
  • Don’t forget your scout handbook and the “blue cards” for any merit badges you plan to work on during the campout.