Troop 129

Virtual Meetings & Virtual Learning

Virtual Troop Meetings

Going forward, we will be using Google Hangouts for our virtual meetings. We have enabled a feature in the Troop Calendar that allows all scheduled meetings to now have Google Hangout login and call-in information listed. To access that information, simply click on the meeting/event in the calendar and then select the “more details” link in the pop up.

When logging in, please be patient and wait for the class scheduler to accept you into the live meeting.

Virtual Learning with Google Classroom

For those who are interested in virtual learning, we have set up classes in Google Classroom. Start by going to

To work on advancements and merit badges, you will need to join the appropriate class using one of the following class codes:

Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class
Class code: ts7k3va

Class code: rypuzts

Family Life
Class code: z3n25sa

Personal Fitness
Class code: mntp3e5

Personal Management
Class code: 2h66ewr