Backyard Bushcraft

Looking for something productive to do with your Scout? Check out this “Backyard Bushcraft” series that Jim Carey has put together! These simple how-to guides can give families a chance to do fun and interesting activities together, while learning outdoor skills at the same time.

Just click on one of the tip sheets below, and start your adventure!

  1. Edible Violet Flowers
  2. Wild Garlic Toast
  3. Learn to Use a Tree as a Compass
  4. Learn Atlanta Birdsongs
  5. Paracord: A Useful and Versatile Camping Resource
  6. Discover Tucker Geology on a Family Mini-hike
  7. Tips for Buying a Good Camping Tarp
  8. What’s a Zebra Pot?
  9. Oak Tree Hunting!
  10. Crescent Moon – A Handy Night-time Compass
  11. Dala Horses and Knife Skills
  12. Quick Release Knots for Tent and Tarp Setup
  13. Using a Tarp as a Basic Camping Shelter
  14. How to Stay Dry in Your Camping Shelter
  15. Use Two Tarps to Make a Group Camping Shelter
  16. Fast Tarp Shelter
  17. How to Tie a Prusik Knot
  18. Cook Outdoors with a Firebox Folding Wood Stove
  19. 2 Trees + 2 Tarps = Outdoor Bedroom & Living Room Suite
  20. Discover our Neighborhood Night-time Animals
  21. Tips for Buying a Good Dutch Oven
  22. How to Correctly Use a Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
  23. Cook Biscuits and Sausage in a Dutch Oven

If you have a suggestion for an issue of Backyard Bushcraft, please let us know!