Troop 129

Tree Lot – Shift Sign-up Details

All Scouts (and their parents/guardians) can now sign-up for their shifts at the Tree Lot; each Scout is required to sign-up for 7 shifts. There are currently two sign-up sheets.

You can sign-up on both sheets; you don’t need to fit all 7 shifts on the first sign-up form. Additionally, please note that each time slot contains the following options: Rookie, Veteran, Either and Bonus Adult. Below is a brief definition for each.

  • Rookie – new Scout; this is your first year working the Tree Lot
  • Veteran – a Scout with one or more years working at the Tree Lot
  • Either – a Rookie or Veteran can take one of these slots
  • Bonus Adult – Leader or “extra” parent who will be available for this time slot. NOTE: an “extra” parent would be in addition to the parent tied to the Scout signed-up for a Rookie, Veteran or Either slot. Example – a mom and dad both come with their Scout; one could take the “extra” parent slot.

Finally, St. Andrews is requiring that everyone participating in the Tree Lot (Scouts and adults) sign a COVID-19 waiver. This can be filled out online using the link below.

[Tree Lot Waiver]

FAQ Section

Here are some common questions and their answers…

  • Q: Can a Rookie sign-up for a Veteran slot OR a Veteran sign-up for a Rookie slot?
  • A: Anyone can sign-up for the Rookie OR Veteran slot if they are not filled in a few days before the date.