Troop 129

Swim Test for Summer Camp

Most Scouts and parents are likely aware, but anyone attending summer camp needs to complete the BSA swim test. With that in mind, the Troop has setup time for the Scouts attending summer camp to complete the test on Tuesday, May 18 from 7-9 pm. This will take place at the Mountain Park Aquatic Center & Activity Building located at 1063 Rockbridge Rd SW, Stone Mountain, GA.

We will not have a normal Troop meeting that night. Instead, Scouts attending summer camp will need to meet at the aquatic center.

All Scouts who complete the test should be able to sign-off on requirement 5b (Second Class) and 6a (First Class). Since we were only able to reserve one lane at the pool, we will likely not be able to wrap up the other aquatic requirements associated with each of those ranks. That being said, most of the remaining requirements in that section do not require a pool (or body of water) to complete. Any that do, should be able to be wrapped up during summer camp.

There is a $2 fee for each Scout, but this cost is being covered by the Troop.