Troop 129

Merit Badge Opportunities

Heads up Troop 129! There are several merit badge classes that are scheduled to begin after Summer Camp.

There will be two Eagle required merit badge classes Saturday, July 31. They include Emergency Preparedness (taught by Mr. Jim Towhey) and Environmental Science (taught by Mr. Jim Carey). Scouts will not have time to work on both; they need to choose one badge to concentrate on during the class.

  • Date: Saturday, July 31
  • Time: We will start promptly at 8:30 AM. Pick up time will be no later than 12:00 noon. It is possible some Scouts might be done earlier than noon (for example, Scouts who only need to complete one or two requirements). Please do not be late. Being late disrupts and delays the entire class.
  • Where: We will break into two class groups and work on the two badges simultaneously.
  • Scouts Who Previously Completed Some Requirements:  Scouts who already have completed some requirements should bring proof showing which requirements they have signed off (e.g., perhaps at summer camp?) and which requirements they still need to work on. For example, if a Scout already has started his badge, he should bring his partially completed “blue card” or a printout from the Troop Advancement Chair showing what he has completed for that badge.

What Else to Bring:

  1. Filled large water bottle. We are having very hot temperatures. For safety it is essential that everyone stays well hydrated.
  2. Paper and pencil to take notes.
  3. Paper printout of the merit badge requirements or the merit badge booklet (see links below for requirements documents on
  4. Results from prior work on the requirements.  For example, in Environmental Science, Scouts are required to complete and report on a variety of experiments or activities. Scouts who previously have been working on those earlier this summer should bring their results or reports on Saturday. Similarly, for Emergency Preparedness, Scouts who previously have completed some of its required activities should bring their results or reports on Saturday.

Mrs. Kat Woodman had her first classes for the Family Life and Personal Management merit badges for Scouts in June. The next round of classes (or “clinics”) will be scheduled for late July or early August.  Mrs. Woodman will let everyone know once they are scheduled. 

Mrs. Woodman wanted to also remind all Scouts participating in the class that there is “homework” for both merit badges, since both have 90-day requirements.  As assignments are completed, they should be uploaded to Google Classroom.


  • Classroom code: z3n25sa
  • Homework requirements:  3, 4, 5 & 6b(1)-6b(7)


  • Classroom code: 2h66ewr
  • Homework requirements:  1(a)-1(c), 2(a)-2(d), 8(a)-8(d), 9(a)-9(e), 10(a)-10(b)

These are all Eagle required merit badges! If you are interested in working through any of these, please reach out to Mrs. Woodman, Mr. Carey or Scoutmaster Jarod at an upcoming meeting (or via email).