Troop 129

Merit Badge Opportunities

Heads up Troop 129! There are several merit badge classes that are scheduled to begin after Summer Camp.

Scoutmaster Jarod will start a Citizenship in the Nation class. This is open to Scouts over the age of 14

Mr. Jim Carey will start an Emergency Preparedness class.  This is open to Scouts over the age of 14.  Additionally, he will be working with Mr. Jim Towhey to start an Environmental Science class. The Environmental Science class will be open to all Scouts.

Mrs. Kat Woodman will be starting classes for Personal Management and Family LifeThe current plan is to start Personal Management on Wednesday, June 16 from 7-9 pm at the Scout Hut.  Family Life will be start the following Wednesday, June 23 — same bat time, same bat channel (7-9 pm at the Scout Hut).  Anyone interested in taking either or both should print off the workbook(s) and read up on both merit badges prior to the first meeting. The class discussion will be based on that information.

These are all Eagle required merit badges! If you are interested in working through any of these, please reach out to Mrs. Woodman, Mr. Carey or Scoutmaster Jarod at an upcoming meeting (or via email).