Troop 129

Okefenokee Campout

Just a couple of weeks after Tallulah Gorge will be our second campout of the year on March 3 – 5 at Okefenokee Swamp. Chris May will be taking the lead on this campout and has reserved the group pioneer campsite at Stephen C Foster State Park, which is the southern entry to the swamp. This is a wide open campsite that will work for tents and likely hammocks as well.

Just a heads up that this will be around a 5 hour drive, so Scouts likely would need to miss some school to attend (to allow time for travel). There is also some discussion around adding on Thursday night (or arriving on Thursday night in the area) to allow for some more time at the main location. That is TBD.

For anyone that can arrive by 11 am that Friday (and is interested), we will have an overnight swamp excursion to Mason’s Hammock.  Realistically, those wishing to go overnight in the swamp should plan on camping/cabin/hotel on Thursday night to be to the meeting point at 11 am on Friday morning.  A couple of additional details on the excursion:

  • This is the shortest (2 mile) paddle that we can do into the swamp from the southern side.  It can be a challenge. It’s open water for a large portion, and the wind can really slow you down. Participants on this need to be up for the task.
  • For the camping, this is not a platform. It’s more like a small island. Once we land, there is a short hike to the actual camping spot. There is a fire ring, but nothing else.
  • People not wanting to go on the swamp excursion will camp in the pioneer campsite on Friday and Saturday nights. Those on the excursion will join on Saturday night.

Deadline to sign-up for the swamp excursion at the Okefenokee campout is February 14. Sign-up for the trip in general (not including the excursion) will be February 21. Food cost is TBD. Please note, we do not want anyone to ever miss out on camping due to the cost of food.  If you have a financial hardship, please e-mail or call/speak to Jean Hilyard before the deadline for signing-up and paying.

[Sign-up for Okefenokee Campout]

Additional details to follow (and added to this announcement in the coming weeks), but we wanted to get this in front of the Troop now.