Troop 129

Personal Fitness MB Class (Part 2)

On January 21, 2023, we successfully helped 14 Scouts complete all the discussion requirements and all the baseline physical fitness assessments for their Personal Fitness Merit Badge. The Scouts did a fantastic job! We also are deeply grateful for the terrific help from multiple adults! Five other Scouts who signed up but could not attend must catch up immediately during Tuesday regular Troop meetings.

For this merit badge, Scouts must fully complete a 12 week personal exercise improvement program AND record their progress in a daily written log. All 14 Scouts who attended the January 21 “Part 1” class should already have started their exercise improvement program. Likewise, the 5 Scouts who did not attend the January 21 class also need to begin their 12 week exercise program very soon in order to catch up.

To complete the Badge, we need to schedule a “Part 2” follow-up class at least 12 weeks after our first class. Therefore here are the details for the “Part 2” follow-up class. It will at the Troop 129 Scout Hut on Saturday morning, May 6. Please sign-up below!

[Sign-up for Part 2 of the Personal Fitness MB]

Parents should please do the following before May 6:

  • Sign-up your Scout on the Troop website so that we know how many participants to expect. At minimum, all 14 of the boys who came to the January 21 “Part 1” class should sign up and attend the May 6 follow-up class. Assuming that they catch up extremely quickly, the other 5 boys who did not attend the “Part 1” class also should sign up for the May 6 “Part 2” class.
  • Mr. Jim Carey, Mr. Bill Penkava, and Ms. Jean Hilyard will be three of the adults leading this event. However, as with the first class, we need multiple additional adults. If you can help, please contact Mr. Carey during one of the Tuesday Troop meetings. Many, many thanks!
  • Encourage your son to complete his 12 week exercise program and record his progress on a paper form like the one he copied, or by creating an Excel spreadsheet. Likewise, he also must complete his 3-day meals and beverages form. These requirements must be finished before the May 6 “Part 2” class.
  • If there are questions, you or your son can read about the requirements online here: [Personal Fitness Merit Badge (]. If desired, merit badge pamphlets can be purchased here: [Results for personal fitness merit badge pamphlet (] (available in English and Spanish paper versions, as well as an online e-book edition). Finally, you can also “check out” one of the copies in the Scout Hut library.

Schedule on May 6:

  • Scouts should arrive at the Troop Scout Hut between 8:00 AM and 8:10 AM on May 6. Please do not be late — that will delay the class for everybody! We will begin the class promptly.
  • Parents should come back to the Hut no later than 10:45 AM to pick up their sons. Assuming that everyone arrives on time, the “Part 2” class will not take as long as the “Part 1” class.
  • During class we will complete the follow-up physical fitness requirements (#6 and 7), and discuss the results of their 12 week exercise program (#8).

What Scouts should bring on May 6:

  • Eat breakfast before the class. We are not providing any food during this event.
  • Wear sneakers and clothing appropriate for doing physical exercises inside and outside the Hut.
  • A large and full water bottle. We do NOT want anyone to become dehydrated.
  • A genuine commitment to work on this merit badge.
  • Scouts MUST bring the following 4 pieces of paper to the May 6 meeting:
    • Their Merit Badge “blue card” that they started during the “Part 1” class on January 21.
    • A paper copy or a printout of their fully completed 12 week exercise program record.
    • Their baseline/follow-up exercise log that we started for each boy on January 21.
    • A paper copy or computer printout of their fully completed 3 day food and beverage record.