Troop 129

Dekalb County Officer “Roll Call” Lunch (April 3)

Troop 129 will be serving lunch to a group of 30 local police officers at the Scout Hut on Saturday, April 3. There will be 15 Dekalb County officers going off shift and 15 more coming on shift. This service event begins after their 1:46 pm Roll Call is completed (around 2 pm).

Lunch will consist of hamburgers, hotdogs, sides and desserts. We may even try to roast some of the hotdogs around the firepit!

We need Scouts to sign-up if they are able to assist with this event. There are actually two ways you can help. First, can you volunteer to assist at the officer lunch? If so, we need to you complete the Lunch for Officers sign-up form [here].

Second, can you help supply any of the food or drinks? If so, please add your name to items noted in the sign-up genius form linked [here]. We are looking for…

  • Gallon Sweet Tea (6)
  • Gallon Unsweet Tea (4)
  • Gallon Lemonade (4)
  • Mac n’ cheese (2)
  • Chips – your choice (6)
  • Potato Salad (2)
  • Coleslaw (2)
  • Dessert – your choice (4)
  • Plastic Cups (2)
  • Paper Plates

Even if you are unable to volunteer at this event, we still could use your help getting the items noted above!

Any Scouts volunteering at the officer lunch will need to be in full Class A uniforms and should arrive at the Hut by 1 pm. Scouts can arrive before 1 pm, but should not get to the Hut before 12 – 12:30 pm.