Troop 129

Two “Morning Walks in Nature” for Scout Families

Scouts and their families are invited to participate in two “Morning Walks in Nature.”

During both events, we will teach Scouts and other family members to identify trees and flowers growing in our local community woodlands. Scouts also will practice using portable backpacking stoves. For those who need it, these activities will help fulfill Second Class requirement 2d (on using lightweight stoves) and First Class requirement 5a (on wild plant identification).

Mr. Jim Carey will lead both morning walks. If either of these days are too rainy, we will arrange alternate dates.

What To Bring on Both “Morning Walk” Events:

  • Daypack, plus appropriate hiking footwear and clothes for the day’s weather
  • Lunch for each family member
  • Paper pad and pencil
  • Smartphone to take photos of the plants we identify
  • Full water bottles for each family member (we will need plenty of water to make hot chocolate on the stoves)
  • Hot chocolate mix for each family member AND camping cups to drink the hot chocolate
  • Portable stoves, correct fuel for the stove, pots for heating the hot chocolate water on the
  • Stoves, and matches to light the stoves. Scouts might need to borrow Troop stove-related equipment before the walk. So “Be Prepared” by planning ahead!
  • Working on the Cooking merit badge? Scouts working to complete a Cooking merit badge requirement need to ALSO bring food to cook over the stove (and then eat). Additional cooking equipment may also be required.
  • Scout Handbook for boys who need either the Second Class or First Class requirements signed off by Mr. Carey

Walk #1:

This first walk will provide a basic introduction to wild plant identification.

  • Date/Time: Saturday, March 12 – starting promptly at 8:30 AM (so arrive earlier, please!)
  • Where: For Walk #1, families should meet in the parking lot of the Tucker Nature Preserve (across from the Walmart plaza)

[Sign-up for Walk #1 @ Tucker Nature Preserve]

Walk #2:

This second walk will cover more advanced plant identification topics, include spring wildflowers and edible wild plants.

  • Date/Time: Saturday, April 9 – starting promptly at 8:30 AM (so arrive earlier, please!)
  • Where: For Walk #2, families should meet in the parking lot of the trail that goes up Stone Mountain, located in Stone Mountain Park. We will cover more distance during this event compared with the first walk.

[Sign-up for Walk #2 @ Stone Mountain Park]

In addition to the direct links above, you can also access the sign-up sheet(s) on the [Sign Ups] page.