Troop 129

Troop 129 Skills Campout

Come kick off Spring camping at the Allatoona Aquatics Base, March 1 – 3! This facility is only an hour away from the Scout Hut, but it is probably the most primitive BSA campground in Georgia.

A sign-up for this campout is available below.

[Sign-up for Allatoona Campout]

During the Summer, many water-based merit badges (Canoeing, Kayaking, Small-Boat Sailing, etc.) are offered here. We have a large site reserved (#3) right on the southwestern side of the Base, which will be great for sunsets and stargazing. For reference, you can find a map of the Base below:

[Map of Allatoona Aquatics Base]

You can also read more details about what the Aquatics Base offers using this link:

[Allatoona Aquatics Base Website]

This first campout of 2024 will give us a chance to refresh our outdoor skills, and also provide opportunities to teach our new Scouts that have just crossed over.

Additional activities including fishing, pioneering, possibly some canoeing and exploring some of the equipment that will be used at Northern Tier.

We need a Senior Scout to volunteer to help Mr. Chris May organize the event. For any Scout interested, please see Mr. May at an upcoming meeting.