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Summer Camp Merit Badge Sign-up Details

It almost time to register for Merit Badge (MB) classes at Camp Daniel Boone. Below is a link to the MB classes they offer.

[Daniel Boone MB Class List]

Helpful Information for Merit Badge Selection

From our understanding, most classes are either half day or whole day. In most cases, they will not be spread out over multiple days. Classes in orange are whole day and the ones in yellow are half day. 

For example, if you sign up for the Cooking MB on Monday, that is all you will do Monday. Then on Tuesday, you have the Geology MB (a half day class), so you will have the afternoon free for other camp activities.

Some MBs have an age requirement listed. This is a mostly a recommendation vs. a requirement (except for physical ones like Lifeguard and Pioneering). Please try to stick near age recommendation as some content might not be as suitable for younger scouts.

Some MBs have additional fees that you are responsible for (including all handi-crafts and shooting sports). Horseback riding is an option as well (offered over two evenings), but that is an additional $60.

Many of the MBs will not be able to be fully completed at camp (particularly Eagle MBs). Some of them will have prerequisites (like Emergency Prep, which requires First Aid).

The camp also offers “Goin Great”, which is for newer Scouts. This cranks out a lot of advancements, and is recommended for anybody who is Scout rank or below. This will take 2 full days, but is totally worth it! They even do a 5 mile hike on Friday, which is a requirement for Tenderfoot.

Kristi Bluett (our advancement chair) has made a sample schedule for a new Scouts and an older Scouts.

New Scout (First Year at Camp Sample)

(9 – 12)
Goin GreatGoin GreatGeologyArt5 Mile Hike
(2 – 5)
Goin GreatGoin Great

Older Scout (Second Year+ Camp Schedule)

(9 – 12)
First AidCookingForestryIndian LorePhoto-graphy
(2 – 5)
First AidCookingSwimmingSwimming

Action Needed & Due Dates

Kristi (Mrs. Bluett) needs the following information from each Scout attending summer camp by Wednesday, March 30

  • Name,
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • 7 choices for MB classes (in order of preference).

Classes are not guaranteed, and Kristi will do her best to accommodate the requests of each Scout. If not enough choices are given, she will choose based on what the Scout needs.

A sign-up sheet is available on the Sign Ups page and is also linked below.

[Sign-up for Merit Badges]