Troop 129

Remote Scouting

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still in full swing.  While things are slowly improving, we know that not all Scouts/families are able to participate (much or at all) with in-person Scouting activities.  We wanted to take a moment to remind all Scouts that remote Scouting opportunities are available!

For example, Scoutmaster Vautrot is in the process of starting up a virtual class/group for Citizenship in the World (for anyone who needs that merit badge).  This is an Eagle required badge.  It’s highly encouraged that the Scouts be First Class (or have at least completed requirement 9A for that rank).  We expect that other virtual merit badge classes will be offered in the coming months.

Camping and volunteer opportunities can be done remotely in certain instances.  For example, camping with family or “virtual camping” (camping in a tent in the backyard that the Scout helped setup) can be accepted as camping nights in some situations.  Please note that pictures of the activity would be required and provided to the Troop.  Similarly, if a Scout volunteers somewhere, they would need to get a note from someone representing the organization to document their participation.

When a Scout gets to a point where they need a Scoutmaster Conference or a Board of Review for a rank advancement, they can reach out to the contacts below.

  • Scoutmaster Conference – Scoutmaster Jarod Vautrot
  • Board of Review – Mr. John Colatosti

These meetings can be conducted over Zoom (or a similar platform).

As a reminder, if a Scout is sending the email to any adult, please ensure another adult is copied (and preferably another Scout).  The second adult is absolutely required and can be a parent or any adult that has completed YPT (Youth Protection Training).