Troop 129

Camporee Approaches!

Troop 129 is the the host troop for this year’s Camporee, which will be held at Bert Adams Scout Camp on March 5-7!  We are looking for maximum Troop participation at this event!

There are a lot of exciting activities planned for this year’s Camporee.  Some highlights include…

  • Golden Axe Competition – Troop 129 currently has the trophy for this event on our mantel.  We want to keep it there!
  • Trading Post – Scouts will have an opportunity to bring old patches or gear to make trades at the trading post.
  • Blacksmith – yes, a real blacksmith will be at Camporee!
  • Rank Requirements Stations – the outer perimeter of the camp will be full of requirements stations where younger Scouts can watch demonstrations and get signoff on various rank requirements.  This includes Totin’ Chit, Fire Chit, knots & lashing, etc.
  • Games and Relays – there will be a variety of games and relay races setup for troops to have head-to-head competitions.  The events include a tomahawk throw, orienting, catapults and the Troop 129 event, the portage challenge

Our Troop will be facilitating (or helping to facilitate) many of the items mentioned above, and we will need the support from all our Scouts to make them a success! 

Below are a few important reminders for everyone signed-up to attend.

  • Pack some warm clothes and gear – It looks like we will have nice weather for the camping trip, but it will be cool at night. Scouts should pack appropriate clothes and gear to ensure they stay warm.
  • Bring your Scout handbook – As mentioned above, there will be a lot of opportunity for rank advancements at this event, so it is important to have your Scout handbook available for signoff. Don’t forget a pen!
  • Try to arrive around 5 pm (if possible) – We know that may not be possible (given traffic, work or other commitments), but that is when we are hoping most people can arrive. That gives enough daylight to get to the campsite and setup your tent.
  • Eat before you arrive or bring food with you for Friday night – As a reminder, patrols will not be cooking on Friday night. Scouts (and adults) should plan to eat before arriving at Camporee or bring something to eat at the camp.
  • You will be told where to setup camp when you arrive – There are many Troops attending Camporee, so once you arrive and check-in, someone will direct you to Troop 129 campsite.
  • The Golden Axe competition is Sunday morning after breakfast – Around 9:30 am, the Troops will compete in the Golden Axe competition. Any parents who wish to cheer their Scouts (or Troops) on (not already at camp) should arrive prior to that time. The awards ceremony will follow at 11 am (at the Flag Pole). What a great time for a family photo opp!
  • Officially, the departure time is by 1 pm – Parents should arrive before noon to pick up Scouts. The official departure time is 1 pm, but ideally, everyone should be ready to depart well before that.

This is sure to be a lot of fun, and it gives us a chance to participate in activities with other troops/Scouts. See you there!