Troop 129

Tree Lot 2022

There is a crispness in the air, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for tree lot!

Timeline for Upcoming Events:

  • October 11: Moving/setting up power pole during Troop Meeting
  • October 18: Mandatory parents meeting
  • November 1: Scouts will pick a tree naming theme. Scouts – this year’s theme is “animals”. Start thinking of fun animal names; they can be “normal” (i.e. – dog, giraffe, etc) extinct or even mythical animals!
  • November 19: Mandatory work day; all hands on deck! 
  • November 22: Trees will be delivered but time TBD (need to be flexible)
  • November 25: TREE LOT OPENING DAY

Shift Sign-up Details:   

As always, parents/guardians with multiple children in the Troop are given first access to the Tree Lot sign-ups sheets. The links are below.

[Sign-up for Tree Lot Shifts] – 11/25 through 12/4

[Sign-up for Tree Lot Shifts] – 12/5 through 12/11

We are only sending out the first round of sign-ups right now, and will send out the second round only after this round is filled.  We need to spread the full weight of tree lot among all (and not allow people to sign-up for the very end and hope they don’t have to work the lot as much).

For the first sign-up, each Scout is required to work SIX (6) slots.  The second round (12/05 – 12/11) will require THREE (3) additional slots. Do not sign-up for more than six slots on this sign-up. 

Remember, starting this year, Scouts only get credit for the shifts they actually work. Unfortunately, if we sell out of trees before a Scout’s scheduled shift, they will not get credit for that shift. We will announce when Scout’s can sign-up for extra shifts.

There can NEVER be a time when one parent is on the lot with two (or more) of their own children and no other adults are on the lot. Do not sign-up for any closing slots unless at least two adults can be there if you have two or more Scouts.  Sign-up for one slot with both of your Scouts (write both names) if there will be the only adult with them – unless it is at a time when there are four or five other Scouts on the lot – we’ll be fine with only one adult with them then. 

Please remember that when you sign-up you are VERY much needed during the slot that you sign-up for.  Not showing up will make the job difficult for the other Scouts on the lot and make that time unavailable for someone else.  Please, Scouts & Parent/Guardian – show-up on time for the slots for which you sign-up.

If you are signed up for a 5 pm opening shift, PLEASE arrive at 4:45 or 4:50 pm because people start lining up before 5 pm.