Troop 129

Cumberland Island Campout

Troop 129 is headed to [Cumberland Island] on October 6 – 9. Additional details to follow, but we have campsites secured for the following 3 sites on the island.

  • SITE #1: Sea Camp – The Sea Camp Campground is located a half mile from the Sea Camp dock. All sites are walk-to, tent sites and campers are responsible for transporting all gear. Carts can be used. There are flush toilets, drinking water, cold showers, and a dish washing sink. Each site has a fire ring with grill, picnic table and food storage. There is cell phone reception.
  • SITE #2: Stafford Beach – The Stafford Beach Campground requires a 3.5 mile hike from Sea Camp. All sites are walk-to, tent sites and campers are responsible for transporting all gear. Carts of any kind or wheeled coolers cannot be used to haul gear. The site has flush toilets, cold showers, and water spigots with potable water. The sites include fire rings with grills. Food storage lockers (bear boxes) are available. There is NO cell phone reception.
  • SITE #3: Hickory Hill – The Hickory Hill Wilderness Campground is one of three campgrounds in Cumberland Island’s designated wilderness on the northern part of the island. The campsite is located 5.5 miles north of the Sea Camp dock. Wilderness sites have no amenities – no water spigots, no showers, no toilets. “Cat holes” must be dug for restrooms. Fires are prohibited, but camp stoves can be used for cooking. Campers should be prepared to hang all food and trash. Water is available from a nearby well and must be treated. There is cell phone reception.

There are no trash cans on the island. Please plan to pack out all trash and follow Leave No Trace principles at ALL campsites.

Each of these locations on the island will offer a very different experience for Scouts, but each should be memorable.

There will be a max of 4 Scouts and 2 adults at any given campsite, so only 12 Scouts total will be able to participate in this event. Due to the need to have 3 separate groups, we are locking in adult leaders for each site in advance of opening the sign-up sheets (to ensure we have two-deep leadership for each camp).

Parents who wish to attend but are unable to camp can stay at a hotel and take the ferry over to hike with the groups. We have done this on previous Cumberland Island trips, but previously, our groups were not as spaced out on the island.

Sign-up for this campout has been closed. For those who signed up, additional details will be provided via email.