Troop 129

Caving and Camping

Our next campout will be coupled with a caving adventure at Tumbling Rock Cave in Alabama on August 25-27.

For the caving, the Troop currently has reserved spots for 12 Scouts and 4 adults, but we do have the option to add more. At this time, the sign-up has been closed. To be added at this point, you MUST speak to Ms. Kristi Bluett as soon as possible.

Everyone who is attending should have signed the waiver using the link below. 

[Waiver Link for Caving]

A separate email was also sent via email, which must also be completed.

Please note, the waiver is only for those actually going inside the cave. 

We will be at a primitive camping site that is available in the field by the cave. There is no water source, but there is a portable toilet.

Overall, this is a great beginner cave for our Scouts. Those who join in on this adventure can expect some crawling on knees, but no shimming through tight spaces. 

If you are caving for the first time, are a beginning caver, or just want to learn how to cave safer [click here]!

[Sign-up for Caving and Camping]

Additional Details

DIRECTIONS The street address is 3407 County Road 111, Fackler, AL 35746. Click here for Google map directions.

PARKING The cave is located at the end of the road. You will see a garage/shed out front with a portapotty next to it.  Park on the left side of the road just before you get to the shed.  If you are also camping, park on the left side of the road after you pass the shed.  Please don’t block the road. 

CAMPING The primitive camping area is past the garage/shed on the right side of the road.  The camping area is a large field that contains a two-story locked storage building and a fire ring.  You may bring your own firewood, but only build fires within the provided fire ring.  Please be considerate of others when camping in terms of noise and the use of space, especially on busy weekends or late at night.  There are no potable fresh water sources; you must bring your own water.  There are no trashcans; you must pack out all trash.

Please help us protect the cave and prevent accidents.  Make sure everyone in your group knows and understands all the below rules.  Failure of anyone in your group to follow these rules may result in you and your entire group being banned from SCCi preserves and face possible legal action. 

CAVING All members of your group who are visiting Tumbling Rock Preserve must have signed a permit even if they do not enter the cave or are only there for a short time. Do not drink cave water or surface water on the Preserve — it may contain biological contaminants


The following equipment is required for all cave entry:

  • Helmet
  • Headlamp and two additional sources of light per person
  • Sturdy Shoes


The following equipment is recommended for all cave entry:

  • Gloves
  • Backpack
  • Kneepads
  • First aid kit
  • Extra warm layer
  • Water and snacks
  • Emergency restroom provisions.  This can include a spare bottle for liquid waste, doubled trash bags for solid waste, or one of several commercial products for additional convenience.  Human waste does not readily break down in cave environments and therefore causes significant issues for potentially months.

CAVE GATE We have been provided a gate code to open the gate.  A code is not needed to open the gate from the inside of the cave.  Always fully close the gate behind you after both entering and exiting the cave.  Make sure the gate locks behind you.  Fully closing the gate helps us prevent trespassing and helps prevents children from later wandering into the cave after you enter or exit.


  • Safe caving information provided by the National Speleological Society can be found here
  • Do not mark on any cave surface in any way.  This includes markers, spray paint, chalk, making scratches, or anything else that alters the walls, ceilings, or floors of the cave in any way.
  • Avoid touching formations.  Touching formations with gloves on damages them.  Touching with bare hands leaves skin oils.  Both ruin formations over time.  Please enjoy formations from a distance only.
  • Do not touch, approach, bother, make loud noises around, or shine lights directly on in-cave wildlife, especially endangered bats.
  • Do not use the bathroom in the cave or at any place other than the portapotty provided outside. If you must use the bathroom while in the cave, you must pack out -all- waste.  Consider bringing restroom provisions in advance or exit the cave in time to use the onsite portapotty.  Help keep our cave clean.  Everything you take into the cave must come out, including human waste and all food and litter. 
  • Vertical/rope work is not allowed in Tumbling Rock Cave without a specific vertical permit.  This permit does not allow any vertical activity (i.e. using equipment to climb a rope).  Do not attempt to use any ropes you may find in the cave.
  • When visiting the preserve, please do not change clothes in public. Changing areas are available on the back side of the garage.
  • Always fully close the gate behind you when both entering and exiting.  Fully closing the gate helps us prevent trespassing and helps prevents children from later wandering into the cave after you enter or exit.
  • The cave temperature is about 60 F.  You will get cold if you quit moving around.  You will get cold if you are wet.  Consider bringing additional warm layers.
  • Bring water and snacks as your trip may last 4-6 hours or more.
  • Do not consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs of any type in the cave.  Do not smoke anything or vape in the cave or near the entrance of the cave.  No underage drinking or illegal drug use is permitted anywhere on the preserve.
  • Please respect and be considerate of our neighbors, other visitors, and the cave environment by refraining from littering, touching artifacts, damaging formations, molesting wildlife, or otherwise disturbing the peace and serenity of the cave and the preserve. 

Tumbling Rock cave took over 750-thousand years to form.  Many thousands of people have enjoyed the natural wonder of Tumbling Rock Cave before you.  With your help, many thousands more may continue to enjoy its natural wonder as well.

CAVE MAP: Tumbling_Rock_Cave_Map.pdf