Troop 129

Camp Rotary: September 23

Our first campout of the new school year will be [Camp Rotary] on September 23 – 25.


Here is what you need to know for this weekend:

  • ADDRESS: 52 Rotary Boyscout Dr, Hartwell, GA 30643
  • CAMPSITE: We are in campsite #10 and #11, which is to the right of a large pavilion. This is the same campsite we used in April 2021. For anyone who needs a visual, you can view a map of Camp Rotary [here].
  • ARRIVAL TIME: Mr. Carey will likely be the first adult leader to arrive tomorrow; he is expected to arrive around 3 – 3:30 pm. You can arrive anytime tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  • DEPARTURE TIME: For any parents who are not staying the weekend and will be picking up their Scout(s) on Sunday, please arrive by 9:30 – 10 am.
    • Fishing is a primary focus for this campout, so Scouts should bring fishing equipment (if they have it available).
    • For any Scouts working on rank advancements or MB requirements, please bring all necessary items. For example, if you are working on your Wood Carving MB, you need to bring your blue card (for signoffs), your knife, and any project(s) you are working on with Mr. Carey. All Scouts should plan to bring their books/blue cards for requirements signoffs.
    • Mr. Carey suggested that Scouts would greatly benefit from bug spray. Please make sure to bring some.
    • Don’t forget the basics, like your water bottle, tent/hammock, mess kit, etc.
    • The ranger at the camp noted that they have had some problems with people using the campsites that haven’t paid, so the main gate needs to be closed other than entering and exiting.
    • The ranger also noted there has been some problems with wildlife, so Scouts/parents should not keep any food in their tents.


A sign-up sheet has now been created for this event. Please take a moment to fill out the form below if you plan to attend the campout.

[Camp Rotary Sign-up Sheet]

Each Scout should plan to bring $14 to cover the cost of food to either the September 13 or September 20 weekly Troop meeting. PayPal can be used for payment as well through September 18 That being said, we don’t want anyone to miss out on camping due to financial difficulties.  For assistance, please reach out to Jean Hilyard and/or Joni Johnston.

More information will be added here soon, but for now, we wanted to note this campout will have a heavy focus on fishing. It should be “reel” fun!